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The Strange Wonders of Roots cover
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The Strange Wonders of Roots

Coming 5.28.2024 

Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

“Nothing lasts.” It’s one of 12-year-old Holly’s Fundamental Truths of Life. And she has the evidence to back it up: Over the past few years, her parents have divorced, her mom has remarried, and her dad has moved her all around the country to live in different places and attend different schools. Through it all, Holly has learned that it’s safer to never get attached to any place or anyone.

So when she spends part of her summer with her Uncle Vincent in the tiny town of Arden, Vermont, she knows better than to get involved. But soon she’s drawn into the drama splitting Arden in two: A local factory is planning to tear down a special grove of rare trees in the heart of town. As a budding forester, Holly knows a thing or two about trees. And she shocks herself by joining the fight to protect the grove—along the way, finding some unexpected allies and maybe even a few friends.

However, not everyone is on Holly’s side. And when she accidentally takes on the most powerful family in town, Holly will have to dig deep to protect the one place she might actually want to put down roots.

Praise for The Strange Wonders of Roots

"A delightful look at friendship, community, and self, and how we’re all connected, no matter how apart we might feel. A perfect book for reading alone as well as within book clubs and classrooms aimed at fostering a loving ecosystem."

—Samantha M. Clark, author of Arrow


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